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IL injury lawyerHiring a personal injury attorney can be a crucial decision in your life, especially if you have been injured in an accident. However, it is not an easy task to choose the right attorney for your case. There are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is to be aware of the red flags you should not ignore when hiring a personal injury attorney. Let this guide you as you select your personal injury attorney.

Look Out for These Red Flags

  1. Lack of experience – One of the most important factors to consider is the attorney's experience. If the attorney has little or no experience handling personal injury cases, it may not be the right choice for you. The attorney you select must have experience in cases that are similar to yours.
  2. Poor communication – Your attorney needs to be an excellent communicator. If you feel like your attorney is not communicating with you properly or that you do not like their communication style, this can be a significant red flag. Good communication is essential for building trust and ensuring your case is handled properly.
  3. High-pressure tactics – If an attorney is pressuring you to sign a contract or pushing you to make a decision quickly, this should serve as a warning sign. A reasonable attorney should never rush you into making a decision and always provide you with enough time to make an informed decision.
  4. Lack of resources – Personal injury cases can be pricey. Therefore, hiring an attorney with access to the resources required to handle your case is vital.
  5. Unprofessional behavior – This can include things like being rude or disrespectful, not showing up to meetings, or being unprepared for meetings.
  6. No referrals – This should be a red flag if an attorney cannot provide any referrals or references. A good attorney should have a list of satisfied clients willing to provide references.
  7. Lack of clarity – It may be a red flag if an attorney is unclear about their fees, the timeline of your case, or the strategy they plan to use. Your attorney should be transparent about all aspects of your case.

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cook county personal injury lawyerGetting attacked by an aggressive dog is terrifying. Humans do not have the natural weapons that dogs do. It can be incredibly difficult to stop a dog attack as well. Once a dog begins an attack, it is not likely to let up voluntarily. These attacks can happen unpredictably. A dog that seemed friendly yesterday could do a complete 180 and cause serious harm to a person today. If you have been attacked by a dog, it is very important to seek prompt medical attention. While bite mark lacerations are present in the vast majority of dog attacks, there are other types of injuries that a dog can inflict. Children are most vulnerable to dog attacks, although adults can be attacked and seriously harmed as well. If you have survived a dog attack, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the dog’s owner. 

Types of Injuries Dogs Can Cause

Dog bites should always be checked by a doctor right away. Right after an attack, your adrenaline is probably running very high. Adrenaline can block pain signals, which can be advantageous when you need to keep fighting back, but it can also prevent you from noticing an injury until it wears off. Common injuries inflicted by dogs include: 

  • Lacerations - When dogs bite and do not let go, but begin shaking their heads, flesh can tear. These wounds may be very difficult to close and typically leave an ugly scar. 



Premises liability lawsuits can happen when a person gets hurt on property someone else owns or manages. However, not all injuries that occur on someone else’s property are grounds for a lawsuit. There are some specific rules that help courts determine whether the owner or manager of a property is liable to the injured person. Whether you can recover compensation for your injuries depends on a number of facts and circumstances, including whether you had permission to be on the property and how the accident happened. If you were injured on another person’s property and want to know whether you can bring a premises liability suit, you will need to consult an attorney.

Who Can Bring a Premises Liability Case?

The type of duty a property owner or manager has to keep others on his premises safe largely depends on whether the injured person was supposed to be there. “Invitees” have a business purpose for entering, like a repairman you invite into your home. “Licensees” are social guests, like neighbors you invite over for a barbeque. For these visitors, a property owner must either fix any dangerous conditions or warn visitors about the danger. A retail manager, for example, must either dry a wet floor or use a “wet floor” sign.


Overworked doctors are twice as likely to make medical mistakes that injure or kill their patients. With the rising demand for their services, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are often required to work long hours, juggle multiple tasks at a time, and see many different patients. Doctors who are overwhelmed by their workload are likely to take shortcuts or miss important details, which could lead to medical errors and negligence.

Long Hours and Burnout Create Dangerous Situations

Over-scheduling, near impossible workloads, and medical staff shortages can easily lead to doctor burnout and disastrous errors. For instance, errors are bound to occur when doctors are expected to work for more than 20 hours or when surgeons are expected to perform delicate procedures after excessively long shifts.

Burnout doctors are twice as likely to make diagnostic errors, use poor judgment, and make technical mistakes during medical procedures. Injuries and death can occur as a result of hospital-acquired infections, delayed treatment, improper anesthetic administration, missed or delayed diagnosis, medication overdose or underdose, surgical mistakes, inadequate monitoring after a procedure, failure to take proper precautions, and failure to act on tests results. The highest percentage of errors caused by physician burnout occurs among surgeons, radiologists, emergency room doctors, family doctors, neurologists, and urologists.

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