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Attorney Referrals

Attorneys Can Feel Confident in Referring Cases to Adler Law Offices, Ltd.

When an attorney or law firm refers a client to Adler Law Offices, Ltd., we are committed to taking care of that client in a manner that is professional, respectful, and directed toward obtaining favorable results. We are ever mindful that a referred client is a client of the referring attorney, and sometimes, they have a relationship with the referring attorney that goes back many years.

At Adler Law Offices, Ltd., our practice is limited to personal injury claims, and we will only take referrals for cases within our areas of experience. As a result, the referring attorney can be assured that their client will receive excellent and professional representation. If the referred client needs help in another area of the law, we will always direct them back to the referring attorney.

When we take on a referred client, we will maintain regular communication with the referring attorney regarding the progress of the case as we proceed. Finally, we are always happy to pay referral fees.

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