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Charles Adler


Attorney Charles Adler has been fighting for the rights of his clients his entire career. He had only been an attorney for just 30 days when he stepped into the courtroom to try his first case defending a small business owner. Charles has maintained a litigation practice since then.

Early on in his career, Charles represented clients in construction litigation and took numerous cases to trial both prosecuting cases on behalf of his clients or defending his clients' rights. The construction claims involved numerous industrial, commercial, and shopping center properties. In taking a number of those cases to trial, Charles gained valuable courtroom experience and learned how to handle complex cases quickly. His dedication to being detailed, professional, hard-driving, and results-oriented created a strong foundation for his career in the practice of law. Those early cases also taught him the importance of managing expert witnesses and how to deal with complex fact patterns, all of which he carried over when he made the transition to the practice of personal injury law.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Dedicated to His Clients

Mr. Adler has represented injured individuals in a wide range of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation concerns for many years. His commitment to digging deeper has achieved significant results for his clients. For example, he has handled a substantial number of wrongful death claims, and he has been successful in recovering the policy limits of both the offenders’ insurance coverage and that of his own clients.

In many cases, Charles is able to obtain fair compensation for his clients by using dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. These methods allow for a favorable resolution to be reached in a shorter amount of time and often at less expense compared to going to trial. Sometimes, however, mediation and arbitration are not appropriate or effective, in which cases, Charles is fully prepared to take action inside the courtroom.

There are several characteristics of Mr. Adler’s practice that set him apart from other personal injury attorneys. The main goal of his practice is to recover fair and just compensation for clients for their injuries. As part of that process, he places a high priority on fighting for his clients’ rights against large insurance companies. Charles does so through a complete dedication to his clients and their claims, with an eye on making a positive impact on their lives. Clients come to him with their lives torn apart as a result of the injuries they have suffered. They deserve an advocate who will dig deep for them, be always available to them, keep them informed, be ready to answer their questions, and consider their input regarding their claims. What is never forgotten is that, while a lawyer deals with the legal intricacies of a case, there is also a human side: the client and the life-altering experiences they have endured.

Staying Involved

Charles has been elected a Top Attorney of North America. He is currently a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, and the Northwest Suburban Bar Association. He has been a speaker at the Senior Law Academy of the Sheriff of Cook County, and he has been a member of the legislative committees of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and Illinois State Bar Association and a member of the Tort Committee of the Chicago Bar Association. He also remains actively involved in the community. Charles is currently a director of the United Way/North and Northwest Region and of Project H.O.0.D., a charitable undertaking to help kids in need in the city of Chicago.

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