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What to Expect in Your Case

Taking the Fear Out of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

It's probably safe to say that there are very few people living in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter, who get excited about the idea of hiring an attorney and being involved in a personal claim or lawsuit. We've all seen fictional court hearings, on TV and in the movies, where the plaintiff is put on the witness stand and intimidated and yelled at until they eventually crack under pressure and walk off crying.

That's not how things happen in the real world. At least not when Attorney Charles Adler is representing you.

Knowing full well that making a personal claim against an individual or some other organization is unfamiliar territory for most people, Charles Adler prides himself on taking his attorney responsibilities to the next level. He is committed to providing the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and skillful representation in order to protect your rights and obtain maximum results for you.

To show you just how simple it is to hire Attorney Adler to represent you in your personal claim, we've created this easy to follow, step ­by­ step guide.

Step 1 – Determine if Charles Adler is the right type of attorney for your needs.

Unlike many large law firms who boast they will represent anyone for just about any situation, our goal is different. And better. Rather than be a "Jack of all trades, Master of none," we have made the conscious choice to concentrate our efforts in just a few selected areas--areas where we know we can provide you with the best attorney representation in the Chicago area.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in a personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, or other related matter, then Charles Adler is the attorney you want representing you. If you are uncertain whether or not your situation falls under one of these categories, feel free to call us at 312-236­-2700, and we would be happy to help you determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

Step 2 – Call us to Schedule an Informal Office Visit with Charles Adler.

Charles would love the opportunity to meet with you, face to face, so that you can feel comfortable and confident that he is the right attorney to represent you in your personal injury claim.

During this office visit, you and he will discuss, in detail, the events leading to your claim. If it is a personal injury case, we will want to look at the course of medical treatment you've been given thus far. We will ask you to bring a list of your medical providers, medical bills, and any documents relevant to the cause of the injury, such as an accident report, photographs, and names of witnesses.

During your first office visit, we will also draft a "road map" of the issues that we need to prove in order to be successful in the prosecution of your claim and what evidence we will need to achieve that success.

Step 3 – We Start Building Your Case

From the very onset, we will begin preparing your case for trial, even though it is our goal for you to receive a settlement without having to do so. Personal injury matters generally are comprised of two factors: liability and the nature and extent of your injuries.

As to the issue of liability, we will, from the outset, outline the evidence we need to prevail at trial and/or to convince the opposing side that we are entitled to a significant settlement.

We Begin Gathering Evidence to Win Your Personal Claim

We will investigate whether or not there were any witnesses to your accident and, if necessary, have an investigator interview those individuals.

If there are any tangible objects involved in your accident, we will inspect them and, if necessary, retain an expert in whatever the relevant field of science that is involved. As we proceed, we will take such measures that are necessary to preserve any evidence, such as the taking of visual recordings, recorded witness statements, or, if necessary, file court proceedings leading to the entry of an order directing that any physical objects be preserved in the condition that they were at the time of the accident.

We will begin obtaining all relevant documents related to your damages. If it is a personal injury case, we will obtain your medical records, medical bills, and all other relevant documents related to your damages. We will contact the offending party's insurance carrier, if there is one, and begin discussions as to their insured's liability.

As each case warrants, we will have an investigator take photographs of the accident scene and the objects involved in the accident and interview any witnesses. While you are still receiving medical treatment, we will aggressively build our evidence on the issue of liability.

We employ experts in various backgrounds as necessary to aid the analysis of the liability issues and, if necessary, to testify at a trial. As an example, we will employ the services of the accident re­constructionist in those motor vehicle cases where our client as a result of their injuries has no recollection of the accident.

To help us determine your total damages, we will obtain copies of all your medical records and billing statements. As those are received, our staff will make an analysis of the records and chart your treatment as it progresses. Our examination of your records, in part, will be for the purpose of ascertaining the nature and extent of your injuries and your prognosis. Those factors are essential in determining the value of your claim. Here again, if we feel it is necessary, we will retain the services of medical experts to act as consultants and expert witnesses to provide testimony at your trial.

Keeping You Informed of Your Personal Injury Claim Status at All Times

As we proceed with your claim, we will consistently stay in contact with you so you are kept informed all throughout the process. We have established a dedicated e­mail address for you, in order to better communicate with you. We have found this to be most convenient for clients to use, and it allows us the ability to scan your updates into your computer files.

We maintain office procedures that keep you fully informed as we proceed. We will forward to you regular status reports, either by the U.S. Mail or e­mail depending upon which mode of communication is more convenient for you. We will constantly be analyzing your claim, and we will discuss with you our view of your claim at various stages of the proceedings.

When we undertake the representation of an individual, we require the individual to fully cooperate with us in providing ongoing information that we feel is necessary to the successful outcome of their claim.

It is common for us to hear, from clients of other attorneys, that their attorney does not keep them informed of the progress of their case and does not return phone calls. Our goal is to not place you in that position. We will keep you informed at all stages of the proceeding and, if necessary, return your phone calls late into the evening hours.

Step 4 – Determining the appropriate settlement for you.

Once you have completed your medical treatment, we will discuss your case with you, formulating an appropriate settlement demand. The settlement demand will then be given to the offending party. If your claim cannot be settled, we will decide, with you, whether to proceed to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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