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Cook County Insurance Coverage Dispute Attorney

Cook County insurance claim dispute lawyer

Lawyer Helping Policyholders Resolve Disputes With Insurance Providers in Arlington Heights

For many people, insurance coverage is an important means of protecting their property and assets against the unexpected. However, when the unexpected does happen, policyholders may find that resolving a claim with their provider is more difficult than expected. Although insurance providers may appear to work on your behalf, they are also motivated to protect their own interests. As such, they often attempt to minimize the amount your policy pays out when you are in need.

At Adler Law Offices, LTD., we represent policyholders in a wide range of disputes over car, home, and business insurance coverage. Throughout his legal career of more than 40 years, Attorney Charles Adler has regularly dealt with insurance adjusters in the Chicago area, and he understands how they tend to approach different types of claims. With his guidance and representation, you have a better chance of obtaining approval for the amount you need to cover your losses.

Filing an Insurance Claim in Illinois

The process of filing a claim with your insurance provider may vary somewhat depending on the type of coverage and the damages or losses that you have experienced, but in general, it is important to notify your provider as soon as possible. Any delays in reporting or filing a claim could harm your chances of attaining an appropriate settlement. It is also important to thoroughly document your losses as soon as possible to clearly connect them to the incident that caused them. You may also need to gather evidence of the cause of your losses to demonstrate that it qualifies as one of the risks covered by your policy.

Though it is important to act quickly to file an insurance claim, it is also often a good idea to consult with an attorney before providing a written or recorded statement to the insurance provider. Including false or misleading information in a statement, or saying something that could be interpreted as an admission of fault, could have a negative impact on the chances of a successful claim and bar you from any recovery. Your attorney can help you prepare your statement to keep your claim on track.

If your provider denies all or part of your claim, we can represent you in negotiations and help you present evidence in an attempt to resolve the dispute and secure the full amount of coverage to which you are entitled under your policy. If your policy includes an arbitration clause, we can advise you throughout the arbitration process. In cases in which a provider is acting in bad faith, such as by intentionally misleading you or knowingly offering a settlement of less than what your case is worth, we may be able to help you take legal action to recover damages.

Representation for Different Types of Insurance Disputes

We have experience handling insurance disputes in many different areas, including:

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage - In a car accident injury case in which the at-fault driver lacks liability insurance or has coverage with limits below the victim's damages, the victim may file a claim with their own insurance provider. We can help you document your medical expenses, demonstrate the other driver's negligence, and resolve disputes involving treatment gaps and the relevance of treatments received.
  • Vehicle property damage - When your car has been damaged or totaled in a crash, we can help you use photographic evidence and accident reports to connect the damages to the collision, as well as help you ensure a fair valuation of your vehicle by obtaining multiple repair estimates or sale price comparisons.
  • Homeowner property damage - In cases involving fire or flood damage, we help homeowners demonstrate the cost of the damage and the fair market value of any personal property lost. We also help resolve disputes over the cause of the incident to demonstrate that the damages are covered under the policy.
  • Business owner property damage and inventory loss - We help retail store owners with claims for property damage and loss due to fire, theft, and vandalism, using inventory records and other evidence to document the extent of the value lost and reach a fair settlement.

Contact a Chicago Insurance Dispute Lawyer

When you need qualified legal advice regarding your options for resolving an insurance claim dispute, we are available for a free consultation. Contact us at 847-394-0100 or 312-236-2700 to learn how we can help you. We serve clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas in Cook County, including Arlington Heights, Skokie, Mount Prospect, Glenview, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, and Wheeling.

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