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Construction sites are home to a wide variety of occupational hazards, and employees who work in the industry are regularly exposed to the risk of serious injury. Injured construction workers are often confronted with high medical expenses, physical and mental disabilities that prevent them from returning to work, and long-term pain and suffering. Fortunately, it is often possible for injury victims to recover financial compensation, whether through their employer or from a negligent third party.

At Adler Law Offices, LTD., we help injured construction workers understand their options for compensation and represent them in personal injury and workers' compensation claims. With over 40 years of litigation experience, Attorney Charles Adler knows how to give his clients the best chance of a fair resolution. He will handle your case without charging a fee unless he secures compensation for your damages.

Illinois Construction Site Injury Risks

Injuries on construction sites may be related to the work environment, the equipment and materials in use, the behavior of other people on the site, the nature of the work itself, or a combination of some or all of these and other factors. Some of the most common sources of injuries include:

  • Falls from scaffolding - Plummeting from a scaffold, ladder, elevated platform, or another location high above the ground can result in broken bones and severe brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Falling objects - Along with the risk of falling themselves, construction workers are also at risk due to falling objects on the worksite that may cause blunt force trauma or crush injuries.
  • Vehicle or equipment accidents - Malfunctioning or improperly operated construction vehicles or power tools are common causes of serious injuries. Road construction workers are also exposed to the risk of injury from car accidents in work zones.
  • Chemical exposure - Working around dangerous chemicals can lead to burn injuries due to direct contact if there is a spill or leak. Hazardous gases and particles in the air can also cause respiratory damage and long-term health complications.
  • Electrocution - Exposed wires and power lines that have not been properly de-energized can cause severe and fatal electrical injuries, as can electrical equipment that has not been properly grounded.
  • Fires and explosions - Uncontained chemical and electrical hazards can also lead to explosions that may injure workers caught in the blast, or they may lead to fires that cause burns or injuries due to smoke inhalation.

How Can Construction Workers Recover Compensation?

Under most circumstances, construction employees who are injured on the job in Illinois have the option to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits through their employer. One advantage of this option is that it is not necessary to demonstrate that the injuries are the result of another person's negligence, as workers' compensation is available regardless of who is at fault. However, injured employees often encounter disputes regarding the work-related nature of their injuries or the amount of compensation to which they are entitled, and it is beneficial to work with an attorney who can help you resolve such disputes. In Illinois, workers' compensation benefits can fully cover the costs of medical expenses and provide relief for a portion of the employee's lost wages.

When your construction injuries are the fault of a negligent third party, or in other words, someone besides you or your employer, you also have the option to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Some such cases involve premises liability on the part of the property owner, while others are related to defective equipment or the actions of another employee or subcontractor on the site. In a third-party lawsuit, you and your attorney will need to prepare to present evidence that makes a strong case for negligence, but if you are successful, your compensation may exceed what is available through workers' compensation due to your ability to pursue recovery for additional economic and non-economic damages.

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