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What Is a Negligent Security Lawsuit?

 Posted on November 18, 2021 in Personal Injury

Arlington heights premises liability attorneyWhen people think of premises liability lawsuits, they think of slip and fall accidents, or perhaps a shelf collapsing shelf in a grocery store. But sometimes premises liability is more about the activity that occurs at the property, rather than the property itself.

Property owners have an obligation to create a reasonably safe environment for entrants, this includes having adequate security measures to prevent crime and illicit activity. If the owner fails to employ such measures, and someone suffers an attack on their property, they may face a negligent security lawsuit.

 Essentially, a negligent security lawsuit alleges the victim suffered an attack on the property, such as a robbery or assault, because the owner failed to install necessary security features, like security cameras, adequate lighting, or the presence of a security guard.

The Property Owner’s Obligations

 Generally, a reasonable person standard is used to discern the property owner’s obligation. A court may consider the building’s location, whether it has a history of crime, and if the structure of the building lends itself to criminal activity. If a business is located in a crime-ridden area, the expectation for security measures is greater.  For example, if the building has lots of poorly lit walkways, the owner should take extra steps to keep the premises well lit. If suspicious figures tend to loiter in front of the property, the property owner may need a continuous security presence.

 What Does the Victim Have to Prove?

Generally, the victim must provide evidence that the attack occurred because of the lack of security features and that the attack was foreseeable.

Evidence could include documentation of similar, previous incidents at the building and proof that the proper security measures could have prevented the attack. For example, if the plaintiff suffered a sexual assault on the property, they could present evidence of previous sexual assaults, evidence that the owner was aware of previous incidents, and evidence that better lighting and security cameras could have thwarted the offender.

 Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

 A successful negligent security lawsuit could result in financial compensation known as damages, which addresses the injuries suffered by the plaintiff because of the defendant’s negligence. The plaintiff could receive damages for medical debt, lost wages, mental trauma, pain and suffering, and other claims. The first step towards pursuing compensation is hiring an experienced premises liability attorney.

Adler Law Offices, LTD has been advocating for Illinois accident victims for decades, holding the powerful accountable and obtaining compensation for their clients.

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