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What Happens If I Am Injured in a Place of Business?

 Posted on August 03, 2021 in Personal Injury

Cook County Premises Liability LawyerIn a typical week, you may visit a number of places of business for the purposes of shopping, eating at restaurants, attending appointments, and more. Chances are, you rarely think twice about your personal safety when visiting any of these places. However, it is possible to suffer a serious injury in a place of business, and in many of these cases, the business owner is at fault. If you have been injured, an attorney can help you file a claim in pursuit of fair compensation.

Filing a Claim on the Basis of Premises Liability

Illinois law holds that both residential and commercial property owners have a duty of care to keep their properties reasonably safe for lawful visitors, including customers and other guests. When a business owner fails to uphold this duty and someone is injured as a result, the injury victim can pursue compensation on the grounds of premises liability.


Many premises liability claims against business owners are related to slip, trip, and fall injuries on the business premises. You may have a case for compensation if you slip on a wet floor or loose rug, if you trip over objects or debris left in a walkway, or if you fall down an unsafe set of stairs. In the winter, unnatural buildups of snow and ice on sidewalks and entryways can also lead to slip and fall injuries.


You may also have a valid premises liability claim if you are injured in a place of business due to a falling object, a chemical spill, or an electrical or fire hazard. You may even have a valid claim if you are injured by a third party if you can demonstrate that the business owner did not have sufficient security measures in place to reasonably prevent such an injury.

What If I Am Injured At My Own Workplace?

If you are injured at work in a situation similar to those described above, your employer is likely protected from a premises liability claim as long as they have workers’ compensation insurance. However, this does not mean that you are barred from recovering any kind of compensation. By submitting a workers’ compensation claim to your employer, you can qualify for benefits that cover your medical care and treatment and lost wages due to temporary or permanent disability.

Contact a Chicago, IL Premises Liability Attorney

Pursuing an injury claim against a business owner can be difficult, but an experienced attorney can help. At Adler Law Offices, LTD., we can work with you to build a strong case for negligence on the part of a property owner and pursue a fair resolution through a settlement or trial. We can also help you determine whether your case would be more appropriately addressed through a workers’ compensation claim. To speak with our Cook County personal injury lawyer, call us today at 312-236-2700 and schedule a free initial consultation.




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