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Top 4 Causes of Rollover Accidents in Cook County

 Posted on February 04, 2022 in Car Accident

shutterstock_733006537.jpg Car accidents in which a vehicle tips or rolls over are among the deadliest types of crashes. Many vehicles are not designed to handle being flipped over, which can result in very serious injuries for the occupants. Rollover accidents are often preventable. It often requires quite significant carelessness on the part of the at-fault driver to cause another vehicle to roll. If you are injured in one of these very dangerous accidents, you will likely need emergency medical care. 

As soon as you are able to, it is important to call an attorney. Evidence at these crash scenes is often disturbed very quickly, sometimes by first responders attempting to rescue victims trapped in an overturned car. The sooner your attorney is able to begin their own investigation, the more likely it is that they will find critical evidence at the accident site. 

What Types of Driver Negligence Leads to Rollover Accidents?

It normally takes significant force or speed to flip a vehicle over. Some types of vehicles that are top-heavy, such as jeeps, SUVs, and pickup trucks are more likely to be tipped or rolled, although rollover accidents can happen to any car as well. Common causes of rollover accidents include: 

  • Excessive speed - Going just a few miles an hour over the speed limit is not likely to cause a rollover accident. If a driver strikes another vehicle hard enough to tip it, there may have been very high speeds involved in the collision. 

  • Multi-vehicle crash - When there are multiple vehicles striking each other, the likelihood that one of the vehicles could tip over and begin to roll increases. 

  • Side-swipe - This is a particular risk on the interstate. When a vehicle is side-swiped, it may be forced off the road at a high speed, where it may hit a guardrail, curb, or another obstacle that “trips” the vehicle. Another risk here is that the side-swiped vehicle could hit a ditch or hill after being forced off the road, which could also cause the car to roll. 

  • Drunk driving - Drunk or drugged drivers can be wildly unpredictable. Other drivers may not be able to predict the movements of an intoxicated driver in order to avoid them, heightening the risk of a serious crash. Intoxicated drivers often fail to brake or make attempts to correct their course, causing them to hit other cars at full speed, sometimes forcing a rollover. 

It is very important that you contact a lawyer as quickly as possible after a rollover accident. Investigating this type of accident in order to prove what happened and bring a strong case on your behalf can be challenging. The sooner you call, the better a lawyer can help you. 

Call a Cook County Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a rollover accident caused by a careless driver, Adler Law Offices, LTD may be able to recover financial compensation for you. Our experienced Chicago car accident lawyers are skilled at investigating complicated accidents to find out and later prove what happened. Call 312-236-2700 for a free consultation. 



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