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Red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

 Posted on February 27, 2023 in Personal Injury

Arlington Heights personal injury attorneySuppose you have been injured in an accident and want to obtain the compensation you believe you may be entitled to. One of your most important decisions is choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you. With so many lawyers to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. However, there are certain “red flags” to be aware of when selecting a personal injury attorney. 

Red Flags to Be Aware of

Here are some of the most important issues that could indicate that an attorney is not the right person to help with your personal injury case:

  • Lack of experience – It is essential to choose legal counsel with experience handling personal injury cases. If an attorney has never dealt with a case like yours before, they may not be familiar with the intricacies of your situation or the nuances of the law that could affect your case.

  • Lack of attention – When you meet with a potential attorney, pay attention to whether they give you their full attention. If they seem distracted or disinterested, it may be a sign that they will not provide your case the attention it deserves. 

  • Lack of communication – Communication is critical when working with an attorney. If a potential attorney does not promptly return your calls or emails, it could be a sign that they will not be responsive throughout your case. 

  • Guarantees or unrealistic promises – No attorney can guarantee a particular outcome in your case. If a potential attorney promises you a specific result, it is a red flag that they may be more interested in getting your business than representing you effectively. 

  • High-pressure tactics – Some attorneys may pressure you into signing with them by creating a false sense of urgency. For example, they may tell you that you need to sign a contract immediately or risk losing your chance at compensation. This indicates that they may not have your best interests at heart. 

  • Lack of transparency – A reasonable attorney will also be upfront with you about their fees and costs. If a potential attorney is vague or evasive when discussing these matters, it could be a sign they lack trustworthiness. 

  • Poor reputation – Do your research before selecting an attorney. Check their reviews online and ask for references from past clients. If an attorney has a poor reputation or a history of misconduct, it is a serious red flag that they may not be the right choice for your case. 

Contact a Cook County Personal Injury Attorney

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