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Did Trucker Road Rage Cause Your Crash?

 Posted on April 12, 2021 in Car Accident

When the driver of an 80,000-pound commercial truck displays road rage, the results are often catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Approximately 1,500 people are seriously hurt or killed by aggressive driving every year.

Truck Drivers Prone to Road Rage

Semi-truck drivers have demanding and often stressful jobs. Many truckers work long hours, sometimes spending days struggling to meet deadlines as they transport goods hundreds of miles to their destination. As a result, truck drivers are prone to road-rage. These factors are no excuse for erratic, dangerous behavior like speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, or trying to run other motorists off the road, however.

Since 2009, accidents involving commercial trucks have risen over 51%. Approximately 68% of all truck accident fatalities are passenger vehicle occupants.

Commercial trucks have greater ground clearance than the average passenger car and they can weigh up to 30 times more. Therefore, smaller vehicles colliding with large trucks already have the odds stacked against them. When a large truck collision involves aggressive behavior, the incident is all the more terrifying.

After an accident, law enforcement should be called so reports can be filed and information can be exchanged between the parties. At-fault drivers might be aware of their insurance premiums increasing after an accident and may try to settle privately. Should injury claims be refused or a person’s injuries worsen after an accident, the absence of a police report could cause a plaintiff to lose an otherwise strong case they would have won. In cases of hit and runs, it is important to get as much information about the vehicle as possible including make, model, and, if possible, license plate number. 

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