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5 Negligent Driving Habits That Cause Wintertime Crashes

 Posted on February 21, 2022 in Car Accident

Arlington height car crash lawyerAnyone who has experienced a Chicago winter can tell you how bad our weather can get. When our city gets a winter storm, the roads can become dangerous very quickly. Even careful drivers can sometimes hit a patch of ice and skid, but most accidents are preventable. During the winter, careful drivers take certain steps to reduce the likelihood of getting into a crash. Negligent drivers may act as if they have not noticed how bad the road conditions are. If you get hurt during a wintertime car accident, contact an attorney. Snow can quickly cover up critical evidence like tire tracks or even pieces of damaged vehicles very quickly. 

What Careless Mistakes Lead to Winter Motor Vehicle Accidents in the Chicago Area?

The first thing our attorneys try to do - after making sure that you are safe and getting any needed medical care - is identify the negligent behavior that caused the at-fault driver to crash into you. Some common examples of negligence we see during the winter include: 

  • Speed - Driving the posted speed limit can amount to negligence if the conditions make it unsafe to drive at that speed. When there is snow or ice or poor visibility, drivers are responsible for slowing down to an appropriate and safe speed. 

  • Stopping distance - Drivers must take road conditions into account when they decide when to start braking. If the roads are icy or slick, drivers must start braking earlier than they would if the roads were dry. Rear-end collisions and even t-bone collisions can happen when a driver fails to stop in time. 

  • Skill level - Most people think they are better than average drivers, but this is not always the case. Those who are inexperienced with winter driving should know when a snowstorm makes driving a challenge beyond their skill level - and stay home or find another ride. 

  • Vehicle maintenance - Not every vehicle is always equipped for winter driving during poor conditions. Tire inflation levels are particularly important. Cold weather can mean that tires become underinflated quickly and need to be filled frequently. Underinflated tires can make steering difficult or even lead to a risky tire blowout. 

  • “Fun” - Doing “donuts” or intentionally trying to slide around a curve can sound like great fun to some drivers - right up until they crash and hurt someone. 

A lawyer can help investigate to determine exactly what type of negligent behavior lead to your accident. 

Call a Cook County Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured by a careless driver this winter, call Adler Law Offices, LTD. Our skilled Chicago car accident lawyers are skilled at holding negligent drivers accountable and getting compensation for our clients. You can reach us at 312-236-2700 to schedule a free consultation. 


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