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3 Types of Distracted Driving That Can Cause Car Accidents

 Posted on December 08, 2021 in Car Accident

arlington heights injury lawyerDriving a motor vehicle involves multiple types of complex tasks that must be performed at the same time. A driver will need to pay close attention to the road and be prepared to react immediately to conditions around their vehicle and the movements of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians. Unfortunately, the amount of time people spend behind the wheel can affect their ability to concentrate on driving, and they can become distracted all too easily. Drivers who fail to fully pay attention or attempt other tasks while behind the wheel can put other people at risk of serious injury in a car accident.

Dangerous Types of Distractions

When a person is driving, they can be distracted in one or more of the following ways:

  • Visual distractions - Drivers should keep their eyes on the road at all times to make sure they can notice and respond to anything that is happening around them. However, drivers may look away from the road for multiple reasons, including to check a radio or navigation system, to look for items inside their vehicle, to check on children or other passengers, or because they notice billboards or other items on the side of the road that capture their attention.

  • Manual distractions - To ensure that they will be able to maintain control of their vehicle, a driver should keep their hands on the wheel and be ready to act at all times. When performing non-driving tasks, drivers may take their hands off the wheel, and this may add significant reaction time if they need to suddenly swerve or take other actions. Common types of manual distractions include eating food or taking a drink from a beverage, adjusting environmental controls or radio stations, or reaching for objects on a seat or items that have fallen to the floor.

  • Cognitive distractions - Drivers need to pay close attention to the road, but if they try to pay attention to other activities at the same time, they may miss important details and be unable to avoid a collision. These distractions may include conversations with others, such as talking with passengers in the vehicle or making phone calls while using a hands-free device, as well as singing along to the radio or daydreaming while driving on a familiar route.

Many activities combine multiple types of distractions. For example, looking in the mirror to adjust hair or makeup will involve both visual and manual distractions. Texting while driving or making a call while holding a cell phone can be especially dangerous since this will involve visual, manual, and cognitive distractions.

Contact Our Rolling Meadows Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Drivers who act negligently may be held liable for collisions that occurred because of their actions. At Adler Law Offices, LTD, we can help victims of these drivers gather evidence showing that a person was distracted, and we will work to ensure that a negligent driver will be required to pay financial compensation to address the injuries and damages that a victim has suffered. Contact our Arlington Heights car accident lawyer at 312-236-2700 to set up a free consultation and get legal help with your case.


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