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Adler Law Offices Offers Multiple Ways to Meet With Clients

Recently, Adler Law Offices settled a personal injury/premises liability lawsuit for the sum of $425,000. In this case, the client slipped and fell on a foreign substance on the floor of a commercial establishment, injuring her back.

Because we have outgrown our Arlington Heights office, we have moved to larger offices at 121 S. Wilke Rd., Suite 501, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Our main office remains at 180 N. LaSalle St., Suite 3700, Chicago, IL 60601.

With Covid still an ongoing problem, we are continuing to offer three ways to meet with potential and current clients. We are available to meet in person at our Chicago and Arlington Heights offices, and we also offer a Northfield location to meet with people. Next, we have been using Zoom on an extensive basis. We can arrange for Zoom meetings using a computer or smartphone if doing so would be more comfortable or convenient than meeting in person. Finally, we can speak to current or potential clients through a traditional phone conference.

On another topic, we have found that various types of medical offices are currently understaffed administratively, and in some cases, this is delaying the ability to receive copies of medical records used in personal injury cases. We have instituted new follow-up procedures to expedite the receipt of medical records. Our goal is to obtain records as quickly as possible, which will put us in a position to settle a claim or file a lawsuit if necessary while minimizing delays.

In The News

The Potential Benefits of Automated Motor Vehicles - The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has looked at the future of our roads being occupied by fully automated vehicles and has concluded that there are several potential benefits. Currently, 94% of serious car crashes are due to human error. More than 35,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents each year. Automated vehicles have the potential to remove human error from the equation.

A NHTSA study showed that in 2010, motor vehicle accidents cost $242 billion in economic activity, including $57.6 billion in lost work productivity and $594 billion due to loss of life and decreased quality of life due to injuries. Automated vehicles may reduce these numbers significantly.

Roads filled with automated vehicles also have the potential to reduce traffic congestion. Americans spent an estimated 6.9 billion hours in traffic delays in 2016. Another benefit is added mobility for people with disabilities. It is estimated that the existence of automated vehicles could create new employment opportunities for 2 million people with disabilities.

Right now, there are six classes of vehicle automation recognized by federal regulators. Each class has a varying degree of automation. The sixth class is fully automated vehicles. It is hard to believe that this trend started decades ago with cruise control, and may soon culminate in cars that are fully self-driving!

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