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The Case of the Dishonest Investment Advisor

At Adler Law Offices, we have always taken the position that our top goals include protecting our clients’ rights and making a positive impact on their lives. We wanted to share an example of our work. A husband and wife who were senior citizens and retired came to us because they had been defrauded by an investment advisor. The advisor had convinced them to move their retirement money, which was vested with a 100-year-old national insurance company, and invest it in a California winery. It turned out that the advisor had an ownership interest in the winery. As you can guess, the winery went bust, and the couple lost their money.

In addition to the loss of the couple’s investment, the moving of the money created an $18,000 tax obligation. The IRS had come to collect that amount from the couple, and they had no means to pay the amount due. We took their case and filed a lawsuit against the advisor based on fraud and other causes of action. Eventually, the case settled for a good sum of money. After the settlement was completed, we mailed the funds that were recovered to the client.

Charles Adler waited a week and then called the clients to make sure the check was received. The wife answered the phone. She said they had received the check, and the husband was able to pay the obligation to the IRS a couple days later. According to her, that night was the first time in a couple of years that her husband was able to sleep soundly. The couple was very grateful to be able to get the debt off their backs. As a lawyer, that was a great message to receive and a great outcome to our clients’ difficult situation.

We are here to fight for you. As always, all consultations are free, and we do not earn a fee unless we win. In addition, we are always happy to pay referral fees. If you want to know about our services and how we can help in your situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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