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Need an attorney for your wrongful death claim?

At Adler Law Offices, LTD., we are proud of our efforts to fight on behalf of families who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. This month, we want to highlight three of our recent cases to emphasize the importance of a dedicated attorney who is willing to dig deeper in order to successfully secure compensation through a wrongful death claim.

The Grocery Store Parking Lot Accident - We represented the estate of a woman who was struck and killed by a motor vehicle while she was exiting a grocery store. The driver’s insurance company initially denied liability, arguing that the woman had an obligation to look for vehicles before stepping into a possible traffic area. We traveled to the scene of the accident and found evidence of a clearly designated pedestrian area with painted crosshatches and stop signs on either side, which the driver had ignored. With this evidence, we were able to secure a settlement at the driver’s full policy limit.

The Pedestrian Crosswalk Accident - We represented the estate of a pedestrian who was hit and killed by a motor vehicle while using the crosswalk at an intersection. The insurance company argued that the pedestrian had entered the crosswalk while the “Do Not Walk” sign was flashing, but we were able to obtain security camera footage from a nearby business showing that the “Walk” sign was, in fact, illuminated at the time of the accident. In this case, we were also able to recover damages up to the full policy limit.

The Rural Semi-Truck Accident - We represented the estate of a passenger who was killed in a collision between a semi-truck and the vehicle in which the passenger was traveling. The collision occurred on a two-lane road while the passenger’s vehicle was attempting to pass another car and the truck was approaching from the opposite direction. The truck driver’s insurance company argued that the driver of the passenger’s vehicle was at fault, but our investigation revealed a ridge near the site of the collision that created a blind spot for the truck driver. We also identified a nearby farmer who was willing to testify that semi-truck drivers frequently approached the ridge at unsafe speeds and crashed into his fence. Armed with this information, we convinced the insurance company to settle the claim.

We always strive to recover full compensation for our clients, including by negotiating for a settlement at the policy limit when necessary. We can also help accident victims recover additional compensation through their underinsured motorist coverage. Please feel free to contact Attorney Charles Adler at 312-236-2700 or

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